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giovedì 6 maggio 2021

Murder in the Marigolds by Dale Mayer



Riches to rags … Chaos has never been so supreme … Now a suspect herself … No calm in sight …

Being a suspect in the murder of her ex-lawyer is not the fun Doreen thought it would be. And, of course, she’s been ordered to stay away from the case, … but she can’t help being interested. So she enlists Mack’s brother, Nick—her new lawyer—to help.

Mack’s first priority is to clear Doreen as a suspect. No one in their right mind would seriously believe she’d done the deed, of course. … But, the fact is, she had both motive and opportunity, so clearing her of suspicion isn’t the walk in the park that Mack would like it to be. Especially not when she insists on sticking her nose into his case, where it doesn’t belong.

And just when Doreen is certain things can’t get any worse, answering her doorbell shows her that this nightmare has just started. Who just walked into her life? None other than her soon-to-be-ex-husband, … Mathew …

Overliked: Finding Direction, Courage, and Meaningful Relationships in a Society Crippled by Social Media by Rob Singleton



How to Connect with What's Most Important in a Hyperconnected World

Social media has the power to do a lot of good, but it can also get in the way of authenticity and create a sense of disillusionment. In Overliked, pastor and author Rob Singleton, asks readers to take a closer look at the optics in their lives and in the world around them. This is a book about understanding how to see ''likes'' and ''selfie'' culture for what they really are and how to connect with the heart of God to build out a new way of thinking about social image.

We have technology and social tools all at our disposal, but when we recognize that so many in our culture now look for acceptance in how they're perceived, feel pressure to project something about themselves that isn't true, or take action based on facts that have been spun, that's a problem that runs deep. Singleton shows readers how to find their way through the complexities by pointing them to God, who created truth, genuine love, and meaningful relationships. Written for those who believe ― for this generation and the next ― that they need to get a better handle on what's real in this culture and in the lives of those they care about, this book brings authenticity and hope to the center of it all.

Singleton offers powerful insights into how we can better leverage the information in the world around us without losing who we are. When we begin to see the real us behind the avatars, we gain the clarity we need to live better, love bigger, and become who we were always meant to be.


martedì 4 maggio 2021

Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America by Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard



In the tenth book in the multimillion-selling Killing series, Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard take on their most controversial subject yet: The Mob.

Killing the Mob is the tenth book in Bill O'Reilly's #1 New York Times bestselling series of popular narrative histories, with sales of nearly 18 million copies worldwide, and over 320 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard trace the brutal history of 20th Century organized crime in the United States, and expertly plumb the history of this nation’s most notorious serial robbers, conmen, murderers, and especially, mob family bosses. Covering the period from the 1930s to the 1980s, O’Reilly and Dugard trace the prohibition-busting bank robbers of the Depression Era, such as John Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby-Face Nelson. In addition, the authors highlight the creation of the Mafia Commission, the power struggles within the “Five Families,” the growth of the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, the mob battles to control Cuba, Las Vegas and Hollywood, as well as the personal war between the U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and legendary Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa.

O’Reilly and Dugard turn these legendary criminals and their true-life escapades into a read that rivals the most riveting crime novel. With Killing the Mob, their hit series is primed for its greatest success yet.

Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History by Steve Deace and Todd Erzen



#1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller

As seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight

As heard on Glenn Beck and Mark Levin

“In his famous Farewell Address, President Eisenhower warned about allowing public policy to become captive to a scientific elite without regard to the principles of our constitutional system and the goals of a free society. Eisenhower was prescient. During the COVID crisis, states like New York that embraced unadulterated Faucism saw poor results across the board, while states that pursued an Eisenhower-style approach like Florida protected freedom and performed better in education, economy and health outcomes. Executives are elected to lead and make tough decisions, and such leadership cannot be outsourced to health bureaucrats like Fauci.” —Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

“In this important book the authors do the job our uninquisitive media has failed to do throughout this ordeal. Confirming with cited and sourced details the enemy of both liberty and logic the lockdowns have proven to be. Which also proves too much power in the hands of an unelected bureaucrat, regardless of his intentions, can no longer be our new normal.” —U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Can liberty survive in the hands of one all-powerful, unchallenged, and unelected bureaucrat?

It wasn’t too long ago that the average American didn’t know who Anthony Fauci was. Now, after the coronavirus has spread nationwide, he’s arguably the most powerful bureaucrat in American history. But is it dangerous for a free society to concentrate so much power in the hands of an unelected official? Who or what holds Fauci accountable?

“Steve Deace is a true patriot whose zeal for liberty is undeniable. Every day, Steve walks the walk when it comes to fighting for Americans' fundamental rights. This book is written with a keen understanding of the pain and devastation we've all seen throughout this pandemic. Throughout, Steve's passion for protecting Americans' freedoms is ever-present.” —U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (TX)

“This is an important book, to both get answers to how we got here and to help us never succumb to something like this ever again. Permitting unelected bureaucrats to hold this much power indefinitely doesn't end well.” —Mark Levin, New York Times best-selling author and talk show host

“In their typical fashion, Steve Deace and Todd Erzen spare no expense in pursuit of truth. We’ve been told a lot of things during this pandemic, and a lot of them contradict each other. This book uses documented data and sources to cut through the clutter, most of it Fauci’s, and bring us to a place of reason and science.” —Glenn Beck, New York Times bestselling author and Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster


giovedì 29 aprile 2021

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason and Suze Orman



Beloved by millions, George S. Clason’s classic business book reveals the financial principles that hold the key to personal wealth—now with a new introduction by Suze Orman.
Countless readers have been helped by the famous “Babylonian parables,” hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. In language as simple as that found in the Bible, these fascinating and informative stories set you on a sure path to prosperity and its accompanying joys. Acclaimed as a modern-day classic, this celebrated bestseller offers an understanding of—and a solution to—your personal financial problems that will guide you through a lifetime.

This is the business book that holds the secrets to keeping your money—and making more. May they prove for you, as they have proven for millions of others, a sure key to gratifying financial progress.

mercoledì 28 aprile 2021

Walt's Disneyland: A Walk in the Park with Walt Disney by Marcy Carriker Smothers and Marcy Smothers



A immersive guide to the attractions and landmarks Walt helped create in his original Magic Kingdom!

Walt Disney’s personal imprint remains firmly intact at Disneyland. Walt's Disneyland allows guests to walk around Disneyland identifying the attractions and landmarks Walt championed, touching what he touched, and seeing his original Magic Kingdom through his eyes. Walt's Disneyland is organized land by land, clockwise, beginning with Main Street, U.S.A. then on to Adventureland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.
A must-have to add to your Disney Parks collection!


lunedì 26 aprile 2021

La buona strada. 150 passeggiate d'autore a Milano, in Lombardia e dintorni di Philippe Daverio e A. Montevredi



La penna curiosa e impertinente di Philippe Daverio ci conduce attraverso Milano e il suo territorio. Una caccia al tesoro in città, in provincia e nella campagna lombarda per scoprire oltre centocinquanta fra monumenti, luoghi e testimonianze d'arte, di storia e di cultura, noti e meno noti, che valgono una visita o una deviazione. Un piccolo bestseller d'autore in edizione ampliata con nuove interessanti destinazioni, dalla Fondazione Prada di Milano a San Gottardo in Corte, da Villa Arconati ai Musei di Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, dalla Riserva Naturale di Bosco Fontana all'Isolino Virginia sul lago di Varese, da Lecco a Chiari.

I piu bei sentieri tra Lombardia e Ticino. 60 itinerari in montagna di Sergio Papucci



Una selezione di itinerari che percorrono i gruppi montuosi della Lombardia occidentale, spaziando dal Ticino alle Alpi Orobie: dai sentieri dolomitici delle Grigne e del Resegone alle alte creste panoramiche sul Lago di Como, toccando incantevoli alpeggi e vette nevose. La guida propone sia percorsi classici, spesso rivisitati con varianti che li rendono più interessanti, sia escursioni originali che portano a scoprire i settori meno noti delle montagne "di casa" dei milanesi e i numerosi angoli suggestivi del Ticino. Un utile strumento per un escursionismo di scoperta, che cerca di uscire dalle tracce troppo battute e di vivere la montagna come un'indispensabile risorsa di equilibrio e benessere, con occhio attento alla sua conservazione.

Piste ciclabili e greenways in Lombardia di Albano Marcarini



Volete trascorrere una giornata o un weekend in bicicletta immersi nel verde e nella natura? Pensate che in Lombardia non sia possibile? Uscite di casa, muovetevi con i mezzi pubblici consigliati dall'autore e raggiungete il punto di partenza di questi 36 itinerari che attraversano tutte le province della Regione, tra vallate e montagne, laghi e pianure, fiumi e navigli; vi mostreranno come questa terra sia ricchissima possibilità per tutti, appassionati cicloturisti e famiglie. Nella guida troverete una proposta suggestivi percorsi in tutta sicurezza, lontani daI traffico, lungo piste ciclabili o greenways, attraverso borghi, sfiorando monumenti di rara bellezza. mappe dettagliate, le foto a corredo del testo di una delle maggiori firme del settore, i box con te le informazioni sull'itinerario, gli approfondimenti turistici e le tracce GPS, vi accompagneranno prima, durante e dopo i vostri viaggi alla ricerca di un ritmo che permetta di vivere giornate n lentezza e curiosità.

Alice in Wonderland Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Disney) by Minerva Siegel



Let Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts guide your tarot practice with this beautifully illustrated tarot deck inspired by Disney’s classic animated film Alice in Wonderland.

Experience the magic of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland like never before in this enchanting and delightfully unique take on the traditional 78-card tarot deck. This set features beloved characters from Alice to the Cheshire Cat to the White Rabbit and more in gorgeous original illustrations based on classic tarot iconography. Featuring both major and minor arcana, the set also comes with a helpful guidebook explaining each card’s meaning, as well as simple instructions for easy readings. Packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box, this charming tarot deck is the perfect gift for the Alice in Wonderland fan or tarot enthusiast.
ORIGINAL ART: The booklet and each of the 78 cards in this deck feature never-before-seen original Alice in Wonderland-themed art.
GUIDEBOOK INCLUDED: This unique deck includes a guidebook to help tarot practitioners of all skill levels perform fun and informed readings.
BEAUTIFUL GIFT: The tarot deck and guidebook are packaged in a deluxe gift box perfect for gift giving.
OFFICIAL DISNEY DECK: The only official Disney Alice in Wonderland tarot deck and guide.
70th ANNIVERSARY: This deck is the perfect way to celebrate 70 years of the beloved Disney film.

Windows 10 for Seniors in easy steps by Michael Price




Windows 10 for Seniors in easy steps, 4th edition takes you through the essentials of Windows 10, a step at a time. Written with older citizens in mind, and presented in larger print, it will get you up and running quickly, including:

  • Installing or upgrading to Windows 10, and customizing it to suit your needs.
  • Mastering the key features of Windows 10 on your Windows device (including PCs, laptops and touch devices).
  • Finding your way around with the Start button, the Start menu, and the Taskbar.
  • Using the Quick Access section – an area you can personalize with your favourite apps, programs, contacts and websites so you can quickly get to the functions and files used most often.
  • Searching the web with the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Learning about apps, finding and downloading them, then resizing and moving them and maximizing, minimizing or closing from their titlebars.
  • Understanding how Cloud storage with OneDrive works, and using it for free storage and sharing files.
  • Talking to Cortana, the voice-activated Personal Digital Assistant that can perform searches on the computer or the web, performing actions like opening apps or documents, or setting reminders, and more.
  • Windows 10 for Seniors in easy steps, 4th edition is filled with tips and shortcuts to help you get the most out of Windows 10, whatever your level of experience and whichever type of PC system you are using.


    sabato 24 aprile 2021

    Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence (with Scripture References) Part of: Jesus Calling® (32 Books) | by Sarah Young



    Experience a deeper relationship with Jesus as you savor the presence of the One who understands you perfectly and loves you forever. With Scripture and personal reflections, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Young brings Jesus' message of peace—for today and every day.

    Jesus Calling is your yearlong guide to living a more peaceful life. More than 30 million copies sold!

    By spending time in the presence of the Savior with the much-loved devotions in Jesus Calling, you will:

    • Feel comforted by words of hope and encouragement
    • Be reassured of Jesus' unending love for you
    • Receive gentle guidance based on Scripture
    • Strengthen your faith with Scripture verses
    • Connect with Jesus further with reflection and meditation based on God’s Word

    With 365 devotions, this padded hardcover edition is a favorite for its small size and is a perfect fit on a nightstand or in a travel bag. Jesus Calling resonates with men and women.

    Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to you, Jesus Calling invites you to experience peace in the presence of the Savior who is always with you.


    The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk M.D



    #1 New York Times bestseller

    “Essential reading for anyone interested in understanding and treating traumatic stress and the scope of its impact on society.” —Alexander McFarlane, Director of the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies

    A pioneering researcher transforms our understanding of trauma and offers a bold new paradigm for healing in this New York Times bestseller

    Trauma is a fact of life. Veterans and their families deal with the painful aftermath of combat; one in five Americans has been molested; one in four grew up with alcoholics; one in three couples have engaged in physical violence. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, one of the world’s foremost experts on trauma, has spent over three decades working with survivors. In The Body Keeps the Score, he uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust. He explores innovative treatments—from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga—that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity. Based on Dr. van der Kolk’s own research and that of other leading specialists, The Body Keeps the Score exposes the tremendous power of our relationships both to hurt and to heal—and offers new hope for reclaiming lives.

    venerdì 23 aprile 2021

    Fondamenti di Amministrazione di Windows Server 2019: Una Guida per Principianti alla Gestione e all'Amministrazione di Windows in Ambienti Server di Istituto Lavoro



    Windows Server 2019 è l'ultimo sistema operativo per server sviluppato da Microsoft come parte della famiglia di sistemi operativi Windows NT, basati sulla piattaforma Windows 10.Con Windows Server 2019, Microsoft continua a creare una piattaforma cloud avanzata e sicura che è iniziata con Windows Server 2016. Questa visione era di portare il cloud a tutti fornendo piattaforme e strumenti per aiutare a creare soluzioni IT che guidano il successo.Con Windows Server 2019, Microsoft ha consolidato il proprio status nel mondo dei provider di servizi cloud competendo testa a testa con Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS Cloud). Per questo motivo, non c'è stato momento migliore per diventare un amministratore di sistema.Questo libro inizierà con gli elementi essenziali della rete di computer e quindi si sposterà nel mondo di Windows Server 2019. Copre tutti gli aspetti delle attività e delle attività a livello di amministrazione necessarie per diventare un esperto di Microsoft Windows Server 2019. Inizia introducendo Windows Server e Windows Server 2019, quindi ne costruisce gradualmente il contenuto con l'installazione e la distribuzione di Windows Server 2019 incapitolo 3, Installazione di Windows Server 2019. Dopo aver acquisito familiarità con le attività successive all'installazione di Windows Server 2019 incapitolo 4, Attività post-installazione in Windows Server 2019, inizierai a funzionalizzare Windows Server 2019 aggiungendo ruoli ad esso. In questo modo, scoprirai cos'è un controller di dominio, come impostare un file e un server di stampa, configurare un server Web e ospitare un sito Web, virtualizzare l'ambiente IT, automatizzare la distribuzione di Windows Server 2019, gestire centralmente Windows Server 2019 aggiornamenti e molte altre cose interessanti. Con l'aiuto di più esercizi pratici, acquisirai un'immensa comprensione di Windows Server 2019, che ti aiuterà a risolvere facilmente compiti difficili. Alla fine del libro, sarai esposto alle attività di manutenzione e risoluzione dei problemi in cui, con l'aiuto delle migliori pratiche, gestirai Windows Server 2019 con facilità.Fondamentalmente, questo libro mira a insegnarti il mestiere dell'amministratore di sistema. Al fine di convalidare le tue capacità e le conoscenze acquisite da questo libro, ogni capitolo termina con un riepilogo del concetto e un questionario per aiutarti a trarre il massimo vantaggio dai contenuti forniti. Entro la fine di questo libro, avrai conoscenze sufficienti per amministrare e gestire Windows Server 2019 con facilità e sarai anche in grado di superare l'esame MTA: Fondamenti di amministrazione di Windows Server: 98-365 senza difficoltà.

    Leading Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Guide for Systemic Change in Multinational Organizations by Rohini Anand



    How can multinational companies implement DEI initiatives across different countries and cultures? This book offers five proven principles for advancing social justice with a nuanced understanding of local customs.

    DEI cannot be addressed globally through a single-culture worldview. The specifics of a successful DEI change effort in the United States may be irrelevant in another country. Succeeding locally - understanding the market and acknowledging local beliefs, regulations, and customs - is essential to succeeding globally. Thus, the question is, How do companies find the right balance between anchoring their efforts in the local context while pushing for change that may disrupt some of the cultural norms?

    This book offers five overarching principles for transforming cultures to be inclusive globally:
    1. Make it local.
    2. Leaders change to lead change.
    3. And it's good business too.
    4. Go deep, wide, and inside out.
    5. Know what matters, and count it.

    These principles arise from Rohini Anand's own journey, as well as examples of more than thirty leaders from a variety of industries. Despite the urgency of the topic, little has been written on how to take cultural nuances into account while promoting social justice. This book makes a powerful contribution.

    giovedì 22 aprile 2021

    Etnobotanica in Calabria. Viaggio alla scoperta di antichi saperi intorno al mondo delle piante di Antonella Lupia, Carmine Lupia, e al.



    «... questo lavoro vuole essere soprattutto un riconoscimento al sistema di valori incarnato dalla civiltà contadina, un vero e proprio tributo di riconoscenza al mondo rurale calabrese, depositario di un sistema di saperi di altissimo livello, anche se sprezzantemente e sbrigativamente liquidato - nel recente passato e sull’onda di un vuoto intellettualismo di maniera - come apparato residuale di superstizioni e credenze popolari privo di qualsivoglia spessore culturale». In queste parole si può cogliere il senso più profondo di questo libro, capace di guidare il lettore lungo un percorso che suscita continua meraviglia e stupore, in quanto aiuta a scoprire la straordinaria ricchezza del patrimonio floristico calabrese, non solo in termini di biodiversità, ma anche come patrimonio di risorse naturali sapientemente utilizzate dal mondo rurale. «In un mondo tacciato di ignoranza, come quello contadino, si ritrova invece una straordinaria capacità di apprendimento dei più intimi meccanismi di funzionamento della natura, una competenza esemplare su piante e animali, una padronanza incredibile di esperienze e conoscenze pratiche, un bagaglio inesauribile di consapevolezze inerenti l’ordine naturale che regna nel Creato, tanto da suscitare un profondo sentimento di rispetto e di ammirazione in chiunque si avvicina a questo mondo, con la curiosità dell’intelligenza viva e la serenità di giudizio degli spiriti liberi». Questo libro è un invito a scoprire i segreti della natura e a rispettarne le preziose risorse, di cui l’uomo deve imparare a divenire amorevole custode.

    20 borghi da non perdere in Calabria di Gianfrancesco Solferino


    C'è una Calabria nascosta, inesplorata e poco conosciuta, quella dei piccoli borghi che racchiudono tesori artistici, maestranze architettoniche, tradizioni e culture che sono testimonianze della storia millenaria della regione. Il libro di Gianfrancesco Solferino vuole raccontare questa Calabria, ricca di bellezza e di fascino, una Calabria che cattura e ammalia il visitatore, e lo fa attraverso 20 itinerari, alla scoperta di altrettanti borghi: Aieta, Altomonte, Aiello, Tropea, Soriano, Scilla, Bova, Gerace, Stilo, Serra San Bruno, Badolato, Squillace, Tiriolo, Cropani, Taverna, Santa Severina, Caccuri, Civita, Morano Calabro, Oriolo.

    Daydream Journals: Memories, ideas and inspiration in stitch, cloth & thread by Tilly Rose



    Begin your creative journey and memory collection with your own gorgeous stitched daydream journals.

    Talented textile artist Tilly Rose shows you how to create beautiful cloth journals, among other lovely items, to record precious thoughts and ideas - from fleeting memories to treasured items, sketches, poems and photographs.

    mercoledì 21 aprile 2021

    101 cose da fare in Abruzzo almeno una volta nella vita (eNewton Manuali e Guide) di Luisa Gasbarri



    Ci sono luoghi la cui bellezza è quasi paga di sé e l’energia vitale è capace di contagiarci con la sua insinuante malia. In Abruzzo la natura ti coinvolge. Ci sono le montagne, come la Maiella – la Montagna Madre, sacra alla dea Maia – o la Bella Addormentata, indimenticabile nel rosso aranciato dei tramonti. Ci sono i boschi dove si incontrano ancora orsi e lupi. C’è il mare, l’Adriatico cantato da d’Annunzio, e la poesia dei trabocchi sospesi su maree profumate d’Oriente. I laghi si fanno porte d’accesso su mondi che paiono magici; all’escursionismo, alle immersioni avventurose nella natura, si affianca il turismo dell’anima, il turismo del mistero, il turismo del cuore… Siamo nelle terre in cui l’ingegno umano è celebrato da capolavori artistici che hanno incantato nei secoli i viaggiatori, da prodezze architettoniche ma anche dalla varietà della cucina, delle ricette, dei magnifici vini. In Abruzzo si riscopre la fierezza delle misteriose civiltà che dominarono prima dei Romani. Mura megalitiche o castelli, borghi antichi o tratturi mediterranei: il passato riaffiora ovunque in storie di saraceni e paladini, donne speciali e miracoli inattesi, briganti e re in fuga… Mentre l’Abruzzo di oggi si scatena nella movida più trendy, tra Star Party e Street Party, festival del jazz, della danza e del cinema, aprendosi al futuro nella sua ferita ma irriducibile bellezza che i 101 suggerimenti di questo libro provano a catturare.
    L’Abruzzo come non l'avete mai visto!
    Ecco alcune delle 101 esperienze:

    Cenare in un “trabocco” al chiaro di luna
    Fare una visita notturna alla cattedrale del santo fantasma
    Concedersi un ballo con “la pupa”
    Esplorare gli Stonehenge d’Abruzzo
    Partecipare a una festa del fuoco
    Ritrovarsi sul set di Blade Runner
    Purificarsi tra vapori luciferini
    Seguire le orme dei briganti
    Inseguire il Femminino sacro
    Superare un top-runner
    Salutare il ghiacciaio che svanisce
    Afferrare al cuore l’erotismo
    Raggiungere le miniere all’aperto dell’oro rosso

    Luisa Gasbarri

    saggista, sceneggiatrice, studiosa del pensiero gender e docente di creative writing, ha inaugurato nel 2005 il genere noir shocking con il romanzo L’istinto innaturale. Autrice di racconti apparsi in volume per diverse case editrici, ha curato lei stessa antologie di narrativa dedicate a scrittori contemporanei. Con la Newton Compton ha pubblicato con successo nel 2010 il manuale 101 cose da fare in Abruzzo almeno una volta nella vita. Dialoga costantemente con i lettori dalle pagine del mensile «La Dolce Vita», che ospita da anni la sua rubrica, Scritto sul Kuore.


    In Her Tracks (Tracy Crosswhite Book 8) by Robert Dugoni



    An Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling series.

    What family secrets are behind two disappearances? Seattle detective Tracy Crosswhite is determined to uncover the truth in the latest installment of New York Times bestselling author Robert Dugoni’s heart-stopping series.

    Returning from an extended leave in her hometown of Cedar Grove, Detective Tracy Crosswhite finds herself reassigned to the Seattle PD’s cold case unit. As the protective mother of an infant daughter, Tracy is immediately drawn to her first file: the abduction of a five-year-old girl whose parents, embattled in a poisonous divorce, were once prime suspects.

    While reconstructing the days leading up to the girl’s disappearance, Tracy is brought into an active investigation with former partner Kinsington Rowe. A young woman has vanished on an isolated jogging trail in North Seattle. Divided between two critical cases, Tracy has little to go on except the treacherous deceptions behind a broken marriage—and now, the secrets hiding behind the closed doors of a deceptively quiet middle-class neighborhood.

    To find two missing persons, Tracy will have to follow more than clues, which are both long cold and unsettlingly fresh. Given her own traumatic past, Tracy must also follow her instincts—to whatever dark and dangerous places they may lead.


    Poesie di Eliana Forcignanò (I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni di Stefano Donno)

    La poesia di Eliana Forcignanò è attraversata da un concerto di voci differenti che s’intersecano in un equilibrio armonico, oppure si punte...