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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Killer. Mostra tutti i post

domenica 28 marzo 2021

Lost Side of an Orphan's Moon: The Boom Town Saga, Book 3 by Caleb Pirtle III



The brilliantly conceived historical mystery will forever change the way you look at those who endured and survived hard times when the discovery of oil breathed hope into communities that were dying from burnt crops and wilted cotton stalks. As one reviewer said the award-winning Boom Town Saga, “Combine The Grapes of Wrath and maybe a little Huck Finn and perhaps you will understand the magnitude of this story set in a small town in East Texas in the Great Depression. It should go down as a classic in American literature.”An oil boom has broken the back of the Great Depression. A small East Texas town is awash with new names and new faces, and no one knows whose eyes belong to the man who carried a lovely fancy dancer from the ballroom of a Sporting House into the darkness of a rainy night and killed her. Was it a crime of passion? Did she reject him? Was it someone from her past? Or was he as unfamiliar as the next roustabout or drifter walking the streets? A preacher has set up the tent for his traveling Love and Salvation Show on the road beside the courthouse. A strange hunchback with a voice of doom casts an uneasy shadow across the town. Where did he come from? Nobody knows. Men are spending their hard-earned money with dime-a-dance girls, looking for love, a wife, or something more sinister. Everyone has a secret. Whose secret sent the lovely Louise Fontaine to a muddy grave?And who is the small boy who stepped off the train with a paper note attached to his coat that said: My name is Ollie Porter. My daddy is Oliver Porter. He works in the oilfields. Does anyone know where he is? Is the boy connected to the fancy dancer or, perhaps, the killer? Or is he just a waif in search of a home? Ashland is a town without law. It is threatening to explode from the mass of humanity crowding into the oilfield. Is the death of the fancy dancer only the first? And can Doc, the charming and lovable con man, and Eudora, the beautiful widow, catch a killer before they find out who’s the next to die?

Dead Man's Swag by Paul Carr



A man lies dead in a seedy cottage near Key West. His killer has left nothing behind. No fingerprints. No DNA. The medical examiner determines that the victim died from a stab wound. Other than that, Sheriff’s Detective Michael Dalton has little to go on. The victim has $27 in his wallet and no credit cards. He recently concluded a career in the Army and arrived in the Keys on a bus. His reason for traveling there is probably what got him killed. The FBI warns Dalton off the case, citing interference with an ongoing federal investigation. The agent says it’s classified and won’t say more. Dalton ignores the directive and presses on. The case smells like a cover-up, but nobody is willing to talk. As the secrets unravel, the murder count rises. Pressure builds and threats arise from inside the Sheriff’s Office. Undaunted, Dalton follows the trail of blood and finds himself squarely in the killer’s crosshairs.

giovedì 25 marzo 2021

Era meglio il libro di Valerio Lundini (Rizzoli Lizard)



"Adesso ti spiego che cos'è questo libro. Facciamo una cosa breve, anche perché lo spazio è poco. Da anni Valerio Lundini dirige e interpreta corti, sketch e spettacoli, lavora in radio e in televisione. In pratica, Lundini scrive cose che fanno ridere. Scrive parecchio, ma senza ordine: sparge fogli in giro e tra una cosa e l'altra c'è sempre il rischio che si perda qualcosa. Per questo ha deciso di scegliere le sue pagine migliori e stamparle in un certo numero di copie. Uno dice: «Potevi mettere tutto su una chiavetta usb», ma non è la stessa cosa. Il libro raccoglie una serie di racconti su killer perbene, coppie che vivono su diversi piani temporali, critici cinematografici sbrigativi, editorialisti problematici, la nostra bella Napoli, il ruolo del clacson e dell'incesto nella società civile e i gradi di separazione che ci dividono da Franco Califano. Che Lundini è surreale lo hanno già scritto in tanti, quindi su questa cosa non mi dilungherei. Anche perché qui lo spazio è finito e il libro è molto meglio dentro. No, veramente".

lunedì 22 marzo 2021

Driftnet (Rhona Macleod Book 1) by Lin Anderson



Driftnet is a thrilling crime novel by Lin Anderson and is the first novel in the series forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod.

Summoned in the early hours of the morning to a Glasgow flat, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is confronted by a horrific crime scene. A teenage boy has been found mutilated and strangled to death by a vicious killer.

But her grim task of scanning for evidence is made even more unsettling than normal by the boy’s remarkable resemblance to her – and by the fact that she gave up a baby boy for adoption seventeen years ago . . .

Overcome by guilt, Rhona sets out to find the boy’s killer and establish whether the young victim is her long-lost son. In doing so, she finds herself immersed in an investigation that seeks to expose a dark underworld that preys on the young and vulnerable. As the case builds it soon becomes clear that some very powerful men have a lot to lose if she succeeds, and everything to gain if she dies.

Matera. Una guida di Gianpiero Bruno e Marcello Bruno

     Lo sguardo di due insider, una guida contemporanea al meglio di Matera tra passeggiate lente, musei, Sassi, chiese rupestri, il Novece...