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Visualizzazione post con etichetta investigation. Mostra tutti i post

domenica 28 marzo 2021

Dead Man's Swag by Paul Carr



A man lies dead in a seedy cottage near Key West. His killer has left nothing behind. No fingerprints. No DNA. The medical examiner determines that the victim died from a stab wound. Other than that, Sheriff’s Detective Michael Dalton has little to go on. The victim has $27 in his wallet and no credit cards. He recently concluded a career in the Army and arrived in the Keys on a bus. His reason for traveling there is probably what got him killed. The FBI warns Dalton off the case, citing interference with an ongoing federal investigation. The agent says it’s classified and won’t say more. Dalton ignores the directive and presses on. The case smells like a cover-up, but nobody is willing to talk. As the secrets unravel, the murder count rises. Pressure builds and threats arise from inside the Sheriff’s Office. Undaunted, Dalton follows the trail of blood and finds himself squarely in the killer’s crosshairs.

venerdì 26 marzo 2021

End Game by David Toft



Across the world, suicide attacks are bringing previously stable governments to the brink of collapse. Scotland Yard’s Stuart Wilson and Bill Rubek his American counterpart must track down the organization responsible and stop the carnage before the entire planet descends into anarchy. The results of their investigations are as frightening as they are unbelievable. A single mastermind, not of their world, is behind the attacks, seeking out the vulnerable and desperate, buying the souls of those who love them, and turning them into instruments of carnage.Wilson, Rubek and their team must gather enough knowledge and magical aid to thwart their enemy before he becomes all-powerful. Even if they succeed, final victory is far from assured. Karrina, the beautiful mystic on Wilson’s team, has her own agenda, passed down through generations of a race older than mankind. She is determined that when the endgame is played out, her people, not theirs, will inherit the earth.

giovedì 25 marzo 2021

Not Dead by Anita Dickason



A small-town Texas cop who is haunted by his past.A reporter who risks it all, even her life. A kidnapping that crosses into an unearthly realm. Focused on the abduction of four-year-old Mandy Norton, Chad Bishop, Meridian’s Police Chief, ignores the twinges of foreboding triggered by an eerie fog that shrouds his town. What he can’t ignore is the editor of the Tribune. When Ashley Logan becomes embroiled in the search, nothing stops the hard-hitting, investigative reporter, including Chad’s threats to throw her in jail. She’s Mandy’s aunt. As the mystery of Mandy’s disappearance deepens, unnerving details emerge. Chad refuses to believe they’re connected to his past until the case turns deadly. He’s forced to face the terror that haunts him. It’s waiting in the shadowy depths of the unearthly fog. This time, it could cost Chad more than his sanity.

Decameron 57: The Dual Nature of Silence di Sàndor Halmosi ( I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni di Stefano Donno)

Evidente che Halmosi ha fatto incetta delle avanguardie e ne ha vissuto le apoteosi, le intemperanze e gli sfilacciamenti, anche se adesso ...