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Visualizzazione post con etichetta justice. Mostra tutti i post

mercoledì 14 aprile 2021

Hidden Justice: A mystery and suspense stand alone crime thriller (No Justice Series) by JK Ellem



FROM BESTSELLING THRILLER AUTHOR, JK ELLEM - A mystery and suspense adult stand-alone crime thriller“Totally engrossed in this read, fantastic, brilliant what more can I say. This book was so intense I couldn't put it down, full of twists and turns and secrets, a must read for this who enjoy these sorts of books."It’s not what you hide, it’s who you hide from…For two years, Annie Haywood has lived in the small picturesque town of Erin’s Bay on Long Island, thinking she was safe. Until now…Abigail Brenner is also hiding her own secrets, the whereabouts of her missing father, Edward Brenner, is not one of them. He disappeared three years ago, took his sailing boat out one day on the calm blue waters of Erin’s Bay, and was never seen again. Without the influence of her father, some say Abigail Brenner has turned in to a wild, uncontrollable little rich girl who’s just biding her time until she can access her trust fund and the family fortune. Others in the town just want her dead.But someone is lurking amongst the wind-swept dunes at night, watching and waiting. And there are strange lights in the night sky above the lighthouse on Moors Island, a desolate, uninhabited rock that holds dark secrets of its own. Then there is Ben Shaw, a stranger in town. He started out from the boardwalk on Coney Island, and kept heading east until Abigail Brenner offered him a ride. Hidden under the surface of this seemingly idyllic community of wealth and privilege lies an undercurrent of jealousy, greed, and burning revenge.There is no justice in this town. But justice is coming…Hidden Justice is the latest adult thriller from best-selling author JK Ellem.

sabato 3 aprile 2021

Land of the Sleaze and Home of the Slave: Government Criminals in the American System of Justice by Wolf



If there is no Justice, there can be no Peace. When a nation's system of justice is corrupt, there is no hope for the citizens but slavery. I ask, is this the America you want to leave to your children. Future generations depend on your actions today. This book gives you all the proof you need to demand a complete overhaul of the American System of Justice. Will you get off your knees and break the chains of slavery?*This book is being sold with the minimum profit to the author, who will donate the author profits to Human Rights Groups.

domenica 28 marzo 2021

Lost Side of an Orphan's Moon: The Boom Town Saga, Book 3 by Caleb Pirtle III



The brilliantly conceived historical mystery will forever change the way you look at those who endured and survived hard times when the discovery of oil breathed hope into communities that were dying from burnt crops and wilted cotton stalks. As one reviewer said the award-winning Boom Town Saga, “Combine The Grapes of Wrath and maybe a little Huck Finn and perhaps you will understand the magnitude of this story set in a small town in East Texas in the Great Depression. It should go down as a classic in American literature.”An oil boom has broken the back of the Great Depression. A small East Texas town is awash with new names and new faces, and no one knows whose eyes belong to the man who carried a lovely fancy dancer from the ballroom of a Sporting House into the darkness of a rainy night and killed her. Was it a crime of passion? Did she reject him? Was it someone from her past? Or was he as unfamiliar as the next roustabout or drifter walking the streets? A preacher has set up the tent for his traveling Love and Salvation Show on the road beside the courthouse. A strange hunchback with a voice of doom casts an uneasy shadow across the town. Where did he come from? Nobody knows. Men are spending their hard-earned money with dime-a-dance girls, looking for love, a wife, or something more sinister. Everyone has a secret. Whose secret sent the lovely Louise Fontaine to a muddy grave?And who is the small boy who stepped off the train with a paper note attached to his coat that said: My name is Ollie Porter. My daddy is Oliver Porter. He works in the oilfields. Does anyone know where he is? Is the boy connected to the fancy dancer or, perhaps, the killer? Or is he just a waif in search of a home? Ashland is a town without law. It is threatening to explode from the mass of humanity crowding into the oilfield. Is the death of the fancy dancer only the first? And can Doc, the charming and lovable con man, and Eudora, the beautiful widow, catch a killer before they find out who’s the next to die?

Win Paperback by Harlan Coben



From a #1 New York Times bestselling author comes this thrilling story that shows what happens when a dead man's secrets fall into the hands of vigilante antihero—drawing him down a dangerous road.

Over twenty years ago, the heiress Patricia Lockwood was abducted during a robbery of her family's estate, then locked inside an isolated cabin for months. Patricia escaped, but so did her captors — and the items stolen from her family were never recovered. 

Until now. On the Upper West Side, a recluse is found murdered in his penthouse apartment, alongside two objects of note: a stolen Vermeer painting and a leather suitcase bearing the initials WHL3. For the first time in years, the authorities have a lead — not only on Patricia's kidnapping, but also on another FBI cold case — with the suitcase and painting both pointing them toward one man.

Windsor Horne Lockwood III — or Win, as his few friends call him — doesn't know how his suitcase and his family's stolen painting ended up with a dead man. But his interest is piqued, especially when the FBI tells him that the man who kidnapped his cousin was also behind an act of domestic terrorism — and that the conspirators may still be at large. The two cases have baffled the FBI for decades, but Win has three things the FBI doesn't: a personal connection to the case; an ungodly fortune; and his own unique brand of justice. 

Decameron 57: The Dual Nature of Silence di Sàndor Halmosi ( I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni di Stefano Donno)

Evidente che Halmosi ha fatto incetta delle avanguardie e ne ha vissuto le apoteosi, le intemperanze e gli sfilacciamenti, anche se adesso ...