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martedì 6 aprile 2021

Ishraat's Long Night (Ishraat Sarabhai Murder Mystery Romance) by Bob Young



Ishraat Sarabhai is a chemist and manager of QA when her company is taken over by terrorists with her as a hostage. Despite being injured by her captors, she finds a way to escape locked confinement. As she heads for an exit she finds another manager dead. She takes a sample of a bodily excretion, returns to her lab, and discovers he's been poisoned by a substance used for production only accessed by top management. In hiding, Ishraat texts her fiance, Raj, who is a professor at a university ninety miles away. He's heard of her company's takeover and commits to joining her. Ishraat stays elusive until Raj gets into the building to help her. They find another manager poisoned in the same way. The police finally retake the building when the last terrorist escapes. Ishraat and Raj need to solve the murders or be charged with them.

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