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sabato 3 aprile 2021

Dutch Chocolate3: blood lust by B.L. Wilson , BZ Hercules (Editor), Laura Prevost (Illustrator)




In the third action novel of the Dutch Chocolate series, it’s been four years since VP Judith Kerson’s death and Yolanda Riggins, aka Dutch Chocolate, still has a hole in her heart. After a nearly fatal incident with a bear, Dutch goes upstate to check on her cousin and her family. While deciding how to handle the possibility the bear’s mate will go on a rampage, Dutch meets the game warden, a somewhat strange woman, examining the dead male bear. The bear’s mate attacks Dutch and the game warden, but luckily, Dutch’s co-workers kill the female bear in mid-attack. The game warden, Linda Whitehawk, introduces Dutch to the world of poaching, trading and killing illegal exotic game for money that is happening in her own back yard.Linda is a staunch conservationist and finds herself tempering Dutch’s impulsive instinct to hunt the bears and poachers alike to protect her family, and the two bump heads. However, Dutch’s family and friends see love in the air between the pair of opposites. Will Dutch and Linda have a meeting of the minds or will their differences in ideology drive them apart? Find out in Dutch Chocolate3: Blood Lust.

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