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venerdì 26 marzo 2021

The Strangled Hubris by K T Browne



To the aristocratic denizens of Gullhaven, Helium is the almost priceless commodity used to lift their airships above the smothering air of the city. To Baron Jasper Brundheim, it is his livelihood. That is until Parliament frames him and seizes his family’s Helium mine for their own. On the run, the young noble must join with other rebels and fight to clear his name. They must flee their beloved city, evade brutal gunsword-wielding soldiers, and find a way to thwart a sinister plot that reaches to the very highest echelons of Gullhaven’s political establishment.

"Gunswords of a gilded age we never got to witness, a depth of courtly intrigue and political high adventure give The Strangled Hubris a sense of mystery and magic long lacking in steampunk storytelling. Compelling, thrilling, and insanely imaginative."

— Nicholas Morine, author of Punish the Wicked: A Dystopian Horror

"The Strangled Hubris is a manically delightful addition to the steampunk canon. The reader is reminded of the outlandish journeys in the work of Terry Bisson, but this tale of a floating palace is a witty and energetic contribution of Keith Browne'sown. If you like stories of political machinations, Browne's your man. If you enjoy knowing winks towards Jane Austin or Blackadder, Browne's equally your man. A confident performance, whatever the weather."

— David Mathew, author of Panic Soup and Ventriloquists

"This is a wonderfully conceived, well-written and satisfying read."

— Laura Knight, author of From Under the Veils of Creation


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