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Visualizzazione post con etichetta destiny. Mostra tutti i post

domenica 4 aprile 2021

Master Your Destiny : What Famous Peoples' Lives Teach by George Kouloukis



The moment you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll be able to learn whether the years just ahead are good or bad for you, and how long this season will last. You’ll be able thus to act accordingly: if there is a storm on the horizon, you’ll take shelter in time; if sunny days loom ahead, you’ll take advantage of it before the opportunity passes. In short, you’ll be able to take crucial decisions regarding your career, marriage, family, relationships, and all other life’s issues.

domenica 28 marzo 2021

THE PACKAGE: An International Thriller of Conspiracy, Murder and Betrayal by Bryan Quinn



For fans of Steve Berry novels, a riveting international mystery/thriller blending fact, fiction and history.

There aren't many things in this world Marco Arrigoni would kill for, but there are even fewer things he would die for. The secret of THE PACKAGE is one of them.

All hell breaks loose in Istanbul when Marco, a jaded priest, unearths in the subterranean depths of his medieval church a long-forgotten tomb containing incontrovertible evidence of an explosive conspiracy stretching back millennia. He joins forces with his friend and secret love, Aysel Bigili, an archeologist, to authenticate his find. Before long, they find themselves on a collision course with a ruthless enemy in the Vatican who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth of his epic discovery from ever seeing the light of day. Wrenched into a world of violence unprepared, Marco and Aysel are forced to battle wits with a fanatical adversary in the cause of truth, a truth so shocking that, if revealed,will demolish the very foundations of his faith and alter the destiny of humanity forever.


venerdì 26 marzo 2021

Peter's Return to Pegasus World by F D Stewart



The stakes are high, and the freedom is limited as the group of college friends from Livingston bares their destiny. Their fate would allow them to find their identity, but at what cost-losing someone they love or facing the ultimate challenge to gain someone's approval? Despite what happened in the past, each one of them holds a key that was kept hidden within themselves, but only one has the power to unleash what was hidden and put things back the way it was supposed to be.

"Pelle e ossa" di Aleksandr Malinin a cura di Paolo Galvagni ( I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni)

Nel libro di Aleksandr Malinin il sentimento si emancipa dall’individuo per diventare ritmo. Il titolo, oltre a condensare una descrizione...