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domenica 4 aprile 2021

The Cocaine Zoo by Anghus Houvouras



America's clandestine war on Columbian drug cartels is in full swing. Two opportunistic CIA Operatives learn of a secret treasure hidden on the isolated estate of a recently deceased drug-lord. Knowing that there is likely to be wealth beyond their wildest dreams they form a plan to find it and smuggle it back to the United States. With a crack team to support them, it looks like a simple job that will net them a fortune. But almost as soon as they arrive things go horribly wrong.A zoo, filled with exotic creatures, has been abandoned, and the ravenous inhabitants are on the attack. The team finds itself in a desperate fight for their lives as they face off against wild animals who have had their behavior altered by drinking water laced with cocaine.Can any of them survive the terrifying creatures of The Cocaine Zoo?

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