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domenica 4 aprile 2021

Fault Line by T. L. Scott



Bill has come home to see his little sister get married. He brought along some of his Army buddies to enjoy this slice of small town America. They were looking forward to getting some rest and relaxation away from war. Unfortunately, war has found them here, on the streets of small town America. This tranquil setting is interrupted when a man forces a woman down on her knees in the middle of Main street. When he brings the muzzle down, just inches from her beautiful face, the soldiers are forced to take action. This fast-paced novel has the soldiers teaming up with local law enforcement and agents from the FBI to eradicate a gang that has invaded the very fabric of this town. They couldn't have become so embedded without help, help from someone in a position of power, someone that is at fault and has definitely crossed the line, the Fault Line.

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