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sabato 3 aprile 2021

Death by Chaos by Renaii West



Tasha, Elizabeth, Dawn, and Miranda were the undisputed goddesses of their Southern California liberal arts college. With distinct talents, beauty, and accomplishments, each goddess appeared predestined to be forever traveling on that path called the Charmed Life. But, in a tragic twist of fate, just before graduation, a student is found murdered on campus. Suspicion falls in their midst, and one of them goes missing. Destinies are changed forever.The case goes cold, and for the next two decades, secrets are kept and suspicions linger. And one of the four continues to be haunted by the chaos of that night and what followed. With an upcoming reunion, and an arrival of a stranger on a motorcycle bringing even more turmoil to her life, she believes the time is right to finally revisit the past, uncover the secrets, expose the truth and while she is at it, rekindle the lost passions of her roommates. To do this without and drawing the attention of those who wish the case to remain unsolved will require good acting, deception, and maybe a little divine intervention.

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