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giovedì 18 febbraio 2021

Music from Elsewhere: Haunting Tunes from the Afterlife, Alien Worlds and Occult Realms by Doug Skinner



A compendium of other musics, channelled from the spirit world, the fairy kingdom, outer space, secret societies and occult lodges.

This unique collection of esoteric earworms gathers, and reproduces, music from other worlds. Here you'll find tunes hummed, strummed, and sung by spirits, sprites, and fairies, extraterrestrial elevator music, dreamed ditties, marches for occult ceremonies, secret musical codes and languages, music made by animals, and more.

Each entry contains an explanatory text on its origins and purpose, and also reproduces the musical notation, in facsimile where possible, so that you can play along at home.

An in-depth introductory essay by musician, historian and collector Doug Skinner rounds out this wondrous musical cabinet of curiosities.

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