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giovedì 18 febbraio 2021

El Ser Uno I: The Arcana of Thoth by Franca Canonico de Schramm




EL SER UNO is a universal knowledge that will wake human consciousness and realign it with the canons of the universe finding what has so deeply remained hidden in their minds for millennia. This knowledge has been received via telepathy and channeling by Elder Brothers-Ayaplianos of the Antimatter (spiritual) Reality of Alpha Centauri. They belong to the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Dimension, parallel antimatter realities to the third dimension of planet Earth called TERA. The complete information is covered in a six-book series that range from the birth of the universe to the formation of the planet, its evolution, and destiny, which had formerly been transmitted to the ancient societies of Lemuria and Atlantis.Books:EL SER UNO I – The Arcana of ThothEL SER UNO II – Planet 3.3.3 – The Guardians of TeraEL SER UNO III –The Seramitas – The long Path of ReturnEL SER UNO IV –Cosmic Alignment – 7 thousand Years of PreparationEL SER UNO V – The Interanos – The City of CrystalEL SER UNO VI – The Siren-Lemurianos – City of LIGHT and LOVE

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