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Visualizzazione post con etichetta elves. Mostra tutti i post

giovedì 25 marzo 2021

Red Tide: Dangerous Waters (The DeLuca Vampires Trilogy) by Claudette Melanson (Author) and Rachel Montreuil (Illustrator)



Nearly two years have passed since the events which took place in the first set of books, The Maura DeLuca Trilogy…Maura has finally made peace with her transformation into a creature she never imagined could be real…much less one she might become. With her newfound existence comes the benefit of family, friends and allies who fill her life and heart with a love like she has never experienced during all the years she has lived with her melancholy, but loving, mother. But along with the most welcome comradery, all manner of new challenges arise—many of them deadly.One of Maura’s new enemies, her auntie, Aldiva, cannot accept the young changeling as a member of her family. Aldiva’s treachery and murderous intent result not only in her own capture but that of her mate, Gregor—Maura’s beloved uncle and caregiver. Grown weary of waiting for her kin to concoct a plan of rescue, Maura plots a return to the Pacific Rainforest, accompanied solely by her blood-bonded mate, to face his elven kin and negotiate the vampire couple’s release.But…as so often before in her past, events do not always play out the way Maura intends. She will soon discover that Ron’s elven kin pose an even greater threat than she dreamed possible. Presented with impossible choices, again and again, Maura will find herself placed at the most perilous collection of crossroads to ever mark her path. One careless misstep could draw her away, forever, from all she holds dear…or even snuff out her life, entirely.˃˃˃ If you love books about vampires, elves, pixies, demons, angels and other fantastic creatures, Red Tide: Dangerous Waters is sure to keep you reading far into the night. This series isn’t your typical YA tale of vampires. Full of mystery, suspense and danger, this urban fantasy thriller delivers just enough romance & humor to accompany the elements of dark fantasy, served with a side of the supernatural. Maura’s story are novels certain to become classic paranormal and fantasy tales. The first series is not only for teen & young adult readers but has been well-received by many adult readers, as well. Maura doesn't live in Castle Dracula in Transylvania, but readers will discover a strong female protagonist that readers have come to love. A preview will be available using the Look Inside feature for the eBook and print copies, above. Scroll up to read a sample once the book is published!

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