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Visualizzazione post con etichetta dream. Mostra tutti i post

mercoledì 31 marzo 2021

It's Always Been You (Wedding Planners) by L.L. Diamond and Carol S. Bowes



All Ellie ever dreamed of was the perfect vacation.Ellie Barrett’s first glimpse of the island resort is everything she dreamed when she planned her long-awaited tropical getaway—sun, sand, and miles of brilliant aquamarine water. She’d made it! Two whole weeks to explore paradise. What could possibly be better?Perhaps an athletic man in board shorts with a body to die for and a pair of stunning blue eyes? On her first evening, she meets William. Intelligent, amazing to talk to, and hot as sin, he’d never be interested in her, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the view while it lasted!But perfection isn’t bound to last. What if William isn’t everything he seems? When love persists over all obstacles, is it enough? How can Ellie trust William and protect her heart at the same time?

giovedì 25 marzo 2021

Return to the Streets (Children from the Streets) by Maria Gibbs (Author), R E Hargrave (Editor), Tammy Clarke (Illustrator)



From the outside, Marcos and Jasmine Martinez seem to have everything. Their days are filled with dream jobs, perfect health, and untold wealth, yet underneath it all, something is broken. Something money won’t fix, but neither have a clue as to what will.Honourable to a fault, Cristian Matos is trapped in a loveless marriage to his best friend’s sister. A siren, Leticia Martinez fulfills his desires whilst making him feel dirty. Leaving her is very much on Cristian’s mind, as are his relationships with Marcos and Jasmine, but what kind of man would take the steps he’s considering when his wife is so emotionally unstable?The fun-loving celebration of Carnival is over. As we return to the streets of Rio, love, lies, and betrayal rock the Martinez family once again. With so much devastation, surely all that’s left now is destruction, especially when vengeance brings the family full circle.Can enough happiness still be found to overcome all their heartaches? Or is the Martinez family forever cursed?

Decameron 57: The Dual Nature of Silence di Sàndor Halmosi ( I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni di Stefano Donno)

Evidente che Halmosi ha fatto incetta delle avanguardie e ne ha vissuto le apoteosi, le intemperanze e gli sfilacciamenti, anche se adesso ...