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Visualizzazione post con etichetta apocalypse. Mostra tutti i post

martedì 30 marzo 2021

This Just In: A Zombie Novel by Lisa Fedel



Adrian Chase always thought the zombie apocalypse would be fun; you bash in a few heads, gather up some food, and go on your merry way. But when reporters and journalists in her news building begin turning into flesh eating monsters, however, she realizes it's very different than what she's seen in movies.Armed with barely any food, a couple of Nerf weapons, and a vague idea of what is happening, she and a rag tag team of employees fight to survive as long as possible in their situation. Tensions quickly get high as people turn, both against each other and into zombies, what is happening becomes more and more apparent, and they're stuck in a small room in a small building.



giovedì 25 marzo 2021

Deadly Fears by Jessie McClure



Deadly Fears contains eight creepy tales that will linger in your mind long after they’ve ended. Stories where the unexpected should be expected. Where an ebony-clawed demon is a friend and a doting mother is the monster. Where fear is sometimes broken by humor.

  • FATHER - Something lives in the luminescent fog, something that spirits away all who encounter it. A girl will come face to face with the unknown when she leaves her home to save her family.
  • PLOP Industries - A deadly mistake at one of Hell’s premier human-possession facilitation agencies has occurred. With screams echoing in the halls and blood oozing under doors, can the demons handle the situation or will Hell-land Security need to save the day?
  • REVENGE – Separated from her parents during the zombie apocalypse, Nora survives when a mysterious creature swoops in to kill her attackers. Unfortunately for her, there’s a disturbing price to pay for its help, and it won’t go down easily.
  • ORB C68 - A large alien orb, dormant for months, has activated. Cracks form on its surface as its temperature rises and a wild scent fills the air. Do scientists know enough to save themselves, much less humanity?
  • THE TRANSFORMATION – Maggie wakes to a world that is not her own and a life she doesn’t understand. With nowhere to go, she wanders aimlessly until an uncontrollable urge has her step into an empty house. Inside lives a creature of nightmares.
  • THE APOCALYPSE –The monster apocalypse has arrived and most of humanity is dead. Preppers Todd and Gordon feel safe until they hear scratching coming from the apartment upstairs. Can they put aside their differences and defeat the monster? Or will they become its next victims?
  • DORIS & ERVIN –Ervin is a demon studying humans in their natural habitat. As a vegetarian, he forbids any consumption of human flesh. With his health in jeopardy, Doris commits the ultimate betrayal to save him, chancing her own demise.
  • THE REAPER - A grim reaper obsessed with collecting the flesh of his victims is hunted by an entity with an obsession of its own—him. Will he be able to solve the mystery before he loses his own desiccated hide?

Enjoy Deadly Fears and hope the stories don't haunt you.


"Pelle e ossa" di Aleksandr Malinin a cura di Paolo Galvagni ( I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni)

Nel libro di Aleksandr Malinin il sentimento si emancipa dall’individuo per diventare ritmo. Il titolo, oltre a condensare una descrizione...