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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Janette Speyer. Mostra tutti i post

sabato 7 gennaio 2012


“The Web Success Team is a full-service Internet Marketing and Website Development company that provides online solutions to a company’s marketing challenges. Whether you are an established company or a start up, we will develop a fully integrated marketing plan to help you succeed on the Internet. Our proven online marketing strategies will accelerate your growth, increase brand awareness, effectively promote your products and services, and maximize your return on investment. WST will implement an online marketing program that will outperform the competition, drive increased traffic to your website and help generate more leads and sales. We will aggressively promote your site through search engines and an array of web-based opportunities including social media. Our strategic marketing is results-driven, analytics-based and measurable.
Web Success Team Principals

Bob Speyer, Co-Founder, President
Janette Speyer, Vice-President, Marketing and Branding Strategist
Mitch Perliss, Vice-President, Marketing and Sales
Marci Rosenblum, Consultant, Internet Marketing Strategist

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