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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Isaac E. Blake. Mostra tutti i post

domenica 22 gennaio 2012


“ConocoPhillips traces its beginnings to 1875, when Conoco founder Isaac E. Blake envisioned an idea to make kerosene available and affordable to townspeople in Ogden, Utah. Thirty years later, the foundation for Phillips Petroleum Company began when brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips hit the first of 81 wells without a dry hole. Nearly a century later, the two companies combined their strengths to form what is now the third-largest energy company in the United States. The ConocoPhillips merger, completed on Aug. 30, 2002, paved the path for the company’s current and future success.
Oil Canning - The years leading up to the formation of ConocoPhillips were marked by moments of triumph and challenges. Several of these moments highlighted both Conoco and Phillips’ pioneering spirits. Phillips led the path in innovation by becoming the first company to develop and market propane for home heating and cooking, building the first long-distance multiproduct pipeline and inventing a process to make high-octane gasoline possible. Conoco used its pioneering spirit to develop the first filling station in the West, constructing what now is one of the oldest operating refineries in the United States and developing and receiving a patent for the Vibrosis method of seismic oil exploration. Together, the two companies helped make possible the current achievements of ConocoPhillips. Since the merger, the company has continued to grow and make significant contributions to the energy industry.
In 2006, Burlington Resources joined ConocoPhillips. The acquisition brought Burlington’s more than 100 years of experience to ConocoPhillips and enhanced the company’s position as a leading producer and marketer of natural gas. In recent years, ConocoPhillips began commercial production of renewable diesel fuel, started the first Alpine satellite oil field, announced plans for a global water sustainability center and formed a partnership with Tyson Foods, Inc. to produce next-generation renewable diesel fuel. While ConocoPhillips’ history still is young, the histories of Conoco, Phillips and Burlington provide a solid foundation for ConocoPhillips to leave a mark on the industry.”