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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Fort Collins. Mostra tutti i post

lunedì 2 gennaio 2012


“I am Nick Armstrong, I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, and I am Colorado’s storytelling small business marketing expert at war with business as usual. So what does that mean, exactly? It means I love innovative small businesses and freelancers like you – people who live by their own rules. I love to learn what makes your business tick. Your secret sauce. And then I love to tell people the story about what you do, how you do it, and why you rock so much harder than anyone else at it.
I love public speaking, so I frequently give talks and provide one-on-one mentoring to small business owners. I brainstorm, strategize, tutor, and get my hands dirty. I’ve got a high-tech background and a knack for translating technobabble to make web technology seem less scary. Don’t come to me if you want run-of-the-mill marketing ideas – come to me when you want to stop worrying about your competition. Come to me when you’ve been kicked in the nuts and need a leader who can pick you back up and get you moving again. Come to me when you want to stop messing around with technology and get serious about marketing your business. Come to me when you need a paradigm-shifting, market-busting set of new ideas and a team to implement them.
If that’s you – you can schedule a 15-minute consult with me today. In my own small business, WTF Marketing, I provide businesses with storytelling opportunities. Through technology, unconferences, and a thorough understanding of how community is created and cultivated, WTF Marketing teaches one-of-a-kind innovative marketing warfare for small businesses.
Core to WTF Marketing is the Digital Gunslingers – a weekly, $1 educational series on social media, web technology, and small business marketing created to support local charities. WTF Marketing eliminates barriers by offering extremely low-cost web hosting for small business owners who attend Digital Gunslinger classes or webinars. I believe strongly in building and supporting my community, so I speak frequently at Ignite Fort Collins, Ignite Denver, Ignite Boulder, and Ignite Cheyenne. I build and host events in Fort Collins like CareerCamp, PodCamp, FreelanceCamp, and TEDxFoCo. I volunteer as an advisor at the Loveland Small Business Development Center and license the majority of my teaching materials for free and under creative commons.”