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Visualizzazione post con etichetta COWBOY. Mostra tutti i post

martedì 6 aprile 2021




Texas transplant and corrosion mapper MICHAL HARVEY should not have been surprised that ex-bull rider turned rancher, JAFFERY DUFREY could not hide his surprise that she was female. After all, industrial inspections in the oil and gas industry is a male-dominated field.
But she was not here with an ax to grind, make friends or impress the local bull-riding demi-God. She was here to convince him to do business with her company Willard Gas and make a name for herself in the STEM field.

Even though she tried to hide her irritation, Jaffery could tell she was not amused by his reaction to her being female. And who could blame her? He was willing to bet good money she was tired of men either hitting on her or dismissing her when walked onto a job site. Just like he was ready to bet good money his cousin CRAWFORD and Willard Gas knew what they were doing when they sent the beautiful Ms. Harvey as their representative.

Taccuini d’artista: “Artist Notebooks & Poetry Box” di Donato Di Poce ( I Quaderni d'Arte del Bardo)

Se, mi chiedessero: Ma cos’è esattamente un “taccuino d’artista” ovvero un “Artist Notebook”?Potrei rispondere che per me il “taccuino d’a...