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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Bradbury. Mostra tutti i post

venerdì 2 aprile 2021

The Innocent Children by Peter C Bradbury



Human Traffickers earn up to 35 Billion Dollars a year. They are ruthless and give no thought whatsoever to the victims and what happens to them. They take them, buy them, then sell them to anybody.80% of the trafficked are sold into the sex trade and the biggest demand is for the children. Taken away from their families, these children are drugged, tortured, then repeatedly raped. They have nowhere to run to, are unable to fight back, and their average age is 11. Their life expectancy once they are taken, is 7 years.In the US, like everywhere else, human trafficking is getting worse. Thousands of children who flee their homes looking for adventure and excitement, or just an escape, get picked up by the traffickers. Their lives, along with those who are smuggled into the country, and others who are taken literally from their own doorsteps, are suddenly lost.The Innocent Children is a novel about those who are affected by the child sex trade in the US, what they have to go through, and how difficult it is for law enforcement, especially the FBI, to find them and prosecute the traffickers.

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