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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Allstate. Mostra tutti i post

mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012


“Meet Liz Strauss, founder of SOBCon, the high-touch business summit, social web strategist, and one of the most thoughtful, prolific bloggers on the planet. — Connie Deiken, The Top Influencers Alive: 10 Breakout Influencers of 2011
“Relationships are everyone’s business, and every business is relationships,” explains strategist and presenter, Liz Strauss of Successful-Blog. — Work with Liz, 773 809 5499
According to EatonWeb, “Liz Strauss is perhaps the most influential relational blogger on the Internet.” Her blog –Liz Strauss at Successful Blog — has been called both a destination and an event. She is known as connector who makes lasting relationships. Her blog has tens of thousands of comments. The WordPress Plugin Liz Comment Counter by Ozh was named in her honor to celebrate her dedication to responding to the readers of her blog.
Liz is a social web strategist and community builder. Coming from a background of publishing, business, and instructional design, Liz understands how people perceive a blog, a product, and an experience — how the head and heart engage to make a fiercely loyal customer. She can articulate what makes things irresistible — what keeps people coming back — from literacy, editorial, design, and marketing sensitivities.
Liz works with businesses, universities, and individuals to help them understand how text, words, and images work in the culture of the social web. She has over 20 years in print, software, and online publishing, and has strategized with publishers in Europe, Australia, the UK, and Ireland. She was recently a featured speaker at the Cass Business School of City University in London and taught a Master’s Level class at the CityU School of Publishing.
Liz is a founder of the highly successful business event– SOBCon — which has gained the partnership of companies such as Citrix – GotoMeeting, GMC, Intuit, Glam Media, IZEA, ReveNews, Walmart, Colgate, Allstate, and Klondike Frozen Treats, as well as the attention of BusinessWeek, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Innovation Initiative of the Kellogg School of Business.”

Mi lamento della mia immaginazione di Michail Kuz’min (I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni di Stefano Donno)

Michail Savel’evič Kuz’min è nato nel 1949 a Leningrado/Pietroburgo, dove vive tuttora. Ha studiato psicologia nell’ateneo della sua città. ...