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domenica 11 aprile 2021

Subcutanean by Aaron A. Reed



I tore through this book in 2 sittings. I literally can't remember the last time that happened..”—Tim Chaplin

"Compulsively readable, profound and pleasingly ambiguous. Absolutely recommended.”—Ginger Nuts of Horror

Insecure college senior Orion loves music, books, and his best friend Niko. When the two of them find a secret basement in their rambling old off-campus house, at first Orion’s thrilled. It’s another secret to share, an adventure to maybe, at last, bring them closer together.

But something's wrong: the basement doesn't end. Blandly decorated halls stretch on for miles past peeling wallpaper, empty bedrooms, and countless stairwells always leading down. Soon they realize Downstairs is a snarled tangle of possibilities. Something down there multiplies everything: architecture, emotions, even people.

Together they must navigate an increasingly dangerous labyrinth filled with two-faced doppelgangers, treacherous architecture, and long-buried secrets. Most dangerous of all is Orion's consuming obsession: somewhere down there, is there a Niko who loves him back?

Subcutanean is a permutational novel: the text can be rendered in millions of different ways. This is version 36619, one of several available on traditional platforms. Your book contains instructions to unlock your own wholly unique digital version, with different words, sentences, or even entire scenes.

Eerie & electrifying, like an urban legend told at a sleepover.” —Laura E. Hall

"...manages to shatter all skepticism... pulse-pounding, mind-bending horror."—Horror News

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