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lunedì 5 aprile 2021

Oh yes ... total chaos everywhere! by Phil Rowan



Journalist Rudi Flynn is recruited by the US State Department to try and get a handle on what's happening around the world, where populism and right-wing tendencies are seriously escalating. First off it's Europe with riots in France and bombs in Dublin. Then it's the sinking US Rust Belt, followed by drug-infested Mexico and serious problems for governments in south America. There are LGBT activists campaigning in Trinidad as wealthy tourists are harassed in Jamaica, while in Cuba an Army General offers help in trying to halt the massive transition of drugs up to the US and Canada.

Australia, Japan and China are faltering as the US President fires a missile into the sea close to North Korea. The French Interior Minister is shot in Paris, and there are resonances from the Nazi days in Eastern Europe as Flynn hears tales of what's driving the increasingly dictatorial leaders and their promiscuously inclined female advisors. Terrorists explode a bomb outside London's Victoria Station, while in the North of England impoverished teenage girls complain about being forced into prostitution by Pakistani migrants. There are riots in Stockholm and Holland is no longer a liberal hub.

As Flynn flies back to the States the airline pilot says that non-nuclear North Korean missiles have just hit New York, where Flynn's apartment building has collapsed. There is then a move by Russia and China to get a proper peace treaty going with the US in Moscow. It works well and when Flynn returns to Washington his wife Maria has come to see him. They were on the point of getting a divorce, but she now wants to start a family, which may be feasible as Flynn has just been offered a job in Washington with US Homeland Security.

Spariamo ai mandanti di Nunzio Festa (I Quaderni del Bardo Edizioni per Amazon di Stefano Donno)

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