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mercoledì 16 dicembre 2020

Open letter to Jeff Bezos (1)

Dear Jeff Bezos,
the acceleration of scientific and technological innovation has contributed to changing the world, also changing the relationships between people and the life models of communities, starting with increasingly rapid and global communications. It applied to production models; it was valid for affirming goals of progress not referable only to the economic aspect. The health of human communities is among them. Innovation and research are decisive in the historic and dramatic transition we are experiencing, in which the effects of globalization make humanity's destiny more universal than ever and, at the same time, allow us to pool efforts to combat pandemic. When Covid spread, we turned to scientists, researchers, laboratories to improve treatments, to speed up the timing of vaccines. Now, while we are in sight of the goal of mass immunization, innovation and research have equal value in pushing with knowledge, synergies and new tools, a new design and the necessary restart of the life of society, with increasingly capable technologies. and intelligent able to redesign infrastructures, productions, markets, as well as obviously the ways and times of human work. I wonder if this transformation can't also revolutionize the world of contemporary culture and arts. I have some ideas to discuss with you. I am at your disposal.



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