martedì 25 ottobre 2011


A tribute is paid to feminine beauty, to the 1970s liberation of the body and to the sinuosity of shapes and colours -- both in the female body as well as in the accessories. For fashion designer Elisabetta Franchi there are no fixed rules, the body is naked -- yet how can one give up shoes, bags and jewellery? Accessories are this season's real protagonists. Prying eyes and a voyeuristic gaze through a moving light uncover the silhouette of a female body, dressed only with clutches, belts and shoes. As in a daydream, the moving image uncovers the beauty of feminine curves and reveals the silhouettes of accessories. Designed for a woman who knows how to find beauty and who surrounds herself with it, even in her most intimate moments. Clutches, satchel bags, vertiginous heels, golden touches and shining gems emphasize the allure of all women, and create an appeal beyond clothes. Soft hazelnut and beige tones, with the inevitable black, embellished by the touch of colour of the quintessential accessory -- every woman's object of desire: a pair of irresistible red open-toe pumps.

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